We are a Toronto video production company who are passionate about film and storytelling. Producing a video has an artistic art form to it and what makes it exciting is that every video is unique in it’s own way. From concept development, meetings, casting, copywriting, shooting, and finalizing in post production, this process is crucial in order to ensure that the end product meets the clients vision and satisfaction. Most importantly, we strive to also ensure that the relationship we build with our partners maintains the professionalism and friendship we have become known for.

Meet Our Team

<b>Edouard Limon</b> | Film Director

Edouard Limon | Film Director

Edouard Limon has been a Film Director & Cinematographer for over 10 years. Having flown around the Caribbean shooting commercial work for Sunwing Vacations, he continues associating with major corporate clientele such as Cineplex Entertainment, General Mills, The Pan Am Games, Grant Thornton, etc. Graduating with a Degree in Fine Arts & Cultural Studies, he continues to develop his skill set by participating in various film industry workshops, seminars and programs. Through furthering his knowledge in the field, Edouard is also zealous to learn about the newest forms of technology that are available. Edouard is a also a member of the Brampton Board of Trade, has won various industry awards and has produced some serious projects that are well known in the international market. Over the past few years he has had the opportunity to also become a keynote speaker at various industry and youth events to encourage filmmaking, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

<b>Jason Palmer</b> | Creative Director

Jason Palmer | Creative Director

Jason Palmer is a Creative Director & Project Manager at PGP Studios Inc. As a creative, his main responsibility is to help transform the client's vision into a video that will make a difference. His goal is to not only produce engaging videos but to ensure that they work from a business perspective; that they reach their specific goals and objectives. Jason has been in the industry for over 10 years, project managing both small and large businesses, developing digital content for web and television. Energetic, passionate, and professional, his team is dedicated to providing the client with an incredible experience and product. From beginning to end customer satisfaction is his first priority.

<b>Claudia Limon</b> | Senior Editor

Claudia Limon | Senior Editor

A creative mind, digitally & commercially inclined, genuine in understanding clientele visions and a fine taste in cinematic experiences. These are some of the strengths that Claudia possesses when applying herself in film production, whether in post or pre production phases. Having been trained by award winning industry experts such as Michael Wong & Adam Epstein, Claudia's skill in post have been proven to wow clientele time and time again. With over 10 years of industry experience, Claudia has been sought for by industry professionals specifically due to her advanced editing techniques. She first started off as a Cinematographer and the conclusion overall provided her the strength, tools and skill set needed to become an expert on editing platforms such as Final Cut, Premiere Pro and various other software.

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You have the idea. We have the talent. PGP honours your brand and its story. We pride ourselves on understanding your vision, and using our skills to accent it. PGP Studios is a Film & Video Production Company catering to the Greater Toronto Area. With a passion for storytelling, we have produced various commercial and promotional content for clientele such as Sunwing Vacations, Cineplex Entertainment, General Mills Canada and many other amazing companies.

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