Why Is Online Marketing The Way To Go?

1 November 2016
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The digital age has set the tone and changed the way traditional businesses market and advertise. Social media IS the internet. The faster marketers draw this difference, the more impact their brands can make.

Captures the Consumers Attention

Marketing online is a great way for consumers to understand businesses better. Consumers use the internet for anything at their leisure and to discover what’s out there. As marketers, we have to be where the attention is. Social media is the place to be.

Twitter stats: 313 million total twitter users online

Example: Netflix marketing online using social media platform – Twitter

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Gain More Connections

Using an online platform makes it easier to connect with other businesses and potential consumers. Internet use allows businesses to get quick feedback from consumers to improve services and products. Are your customers complaining or praising? Either way, you can be right there to encourage or console them. This is a capability that is unique to social media.

94% of recruiters use social media to find candidates

Example: Various businesses marketing online using social media platform – Linkedin

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As a final point, the inter-web is a great platform for companies to market or advertise their business. It’s profitable in gaining exposure and connections between other businesses and consumers. In the end, the digital platform helps consumers to access and gain knowledge easier and faster to businesses than ever before.

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