How Brands Miss-Manage Advertisements

22 November 2016
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As the tech industry pushes us to use different devices and platforms, it’s crucial that we do the same as Marketers. However, there’s always a lag period. Marketers desperately cling to what they started their careers marketing with. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of those inefficiencies.


How Brands Miss-Manage Advertisements traditional marketing vs internet


  1. ‘Traditional’ Marketing. Many large businesses fall into this gap and only use old ways of marketing. This plays a big part in a business’s miss-management of advertisements. Traditional marketing has become much less potent. Newspapers: Do you even read it anymore? Television: fast forward, Netflix, hello? Dumping marketing budgets in these medium can cause businesses to lose a substantial amount of exposure and potential customers.
  1. Word of Mouth Only. Some businesses aren’t totally sold on the idea of investing into advertising.  They’ve built their business on being in person and having a good product. Is this still a viable way of doing business? Yes. A good product always carries a brand. But is this the optimal way to do business? No. Online is another avenue to connect and grow your business that could amplify your word of mouth sales.


The internet has become not only a player, but the player in marketing. Businesses need to start getting attached to a new way of doing things.

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