How To Advertise In a New Era of Online

8 November 2016
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In the past advertising was only capable through newspapers, television, and sponsors. Now that the internet has become a much bigger thing in today’s society, there are other alternatives for marketing. The list below discusses ways on how to use the internet to benefit a business.
local_listing_marketing  How To Advertise In a New Era of Online local listing marketing


Paid Listing

Signing up with big local listing services such as Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing allow you to be found easily on searches made online. It’s easy to get access to, all that’s required is filling out a form and registering. Then get the business verified through a confirmation process made either with a phone call or email.

Knowing the key words your customers are searching is important in using this service effectively. For example, registering for the paid listing ‘pgp studios’ doesn’t make any sense. We’d be better off registering for ‘video production,’ or ‘commercial production,’ and etc.


Social Media

Social media is where the attention is. Almost all demographics have their foot in one platform or another. Social media isn’t just for the young and trendy. It’s recommended to have a strong native presence on platforms that refer to your target demographic; this can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. If you have quality content (posts), customers will consume your content without you having to pay for advertising. However, these platforms also offer paid ad options where you can boost posts and target specific people. We recommend a combination of native and paid content.

Example: Nike advertising online using social media platformInstagram

nike_instagram_marketing  How To Advertise In a New Era of Online nike instagram marketing



Blogging is beneficial for brand recognition. But the one mistake companies make, is blogging about themselves. Customers rarely care about you, they care about what content/value you can offer. Blogging about something interest yields the best results. They will then return to your platform consistently, and when it comes time to make a purchasing decision in your industry, there’s a good chance they will remember your name. Lastly, the best way for a business to have a successful blog is to constantly update so subscribers don’t forget about the business.

blog_marketing  How To Advertise In a New Era of Online blog marketing


Press Release

Press releases are a powerful media tool to use to generate publicity towards a business. There are several; websites out there that use press releases such as PRLog and 24/7 Press Release to get more exposure to potential consumers.

The online world has helped to create new ways of advertising to the everyday consumer. These suggestions are helpful methods to improve businesses to own their craft in marketing and advertising in a new era of online usage.

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