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30 October 2015
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It truly is incredible the amount of work and the logistics behind location scouting. For both filmmaking and commercial photography, artistic knowledge is key to allocating the right spots to shoot. Recently, PGP Studios has been scouting quite heavily over the past 2 months. From filming in Toronto to commercial shoots in the Caribbean. Each production has been unique in settings and embarking through a smoothless logistical journey. We’ve shot music videos that were in need of filming in a distillery district type setting; yet at the same time we needed to find some trenches. For another shoot, we’re exploring various types of caves. It has been quite the journey as I’ve personally had to overcome some fears and experience what it is like to crawl through wormholes and interesting caves. Some locations could take place in our backyard per say and others various hours if not days to reach. This is just to ensure that the place is right for the entire film crew to begin production on. But let me go back a bit and explain a bit more about the artistic knowledge being key in this endeavour. As a professional creative, we have the drive and passion to see things outside the box. With the guide and illustration of the Director, we are able to easily understand the cosmetics that are needed to make a location come to life. Whether it’s from an actual pre-made location to a custom made set. Location Scouts have the raw talent to see through the lens with their imaginations and experience. Now lets switch gears and talk about the knowledge needed to produce artistic results. The knowledge basis itself on knowing where the locations are, what kinds of temperatures will be occurring on that day, what kinds of permit are needed, how much for how long, having strong ties with city officials to help ease your scouting process, etc. Now, I have to be honest with you as there are various roles that Location Scouts play. This all falls under the scope of the projects and what is truly required to ensure the best production value possible. The roles to name a few are:

  • Location Manager
  • Location Assistant
  • Location Scout
  • Location Production Coordinator

And the list goes on. Again, this really ties into the scope of your project and scaling it between a small production and a larger one. It’s great to have a team dedicated to finding locations. But as far as my experience has come, we have been able to fulfill that role and have had an incredible time doing it. We’ve also come to understand how important it has become to not only become acquainted with your local film liaison but that this partnership can develop to benefit both the production company and the city hosting the production. If your city has a film liaison, they are professional extensions to what your capable of achieving. Their experience and expertise are crucial. Within the City of Brampton, we have our very own Sharon Wilcox and Michael Ciuffini. They are not only welcoming but inspiring. They truly care about making the best out of what you have and ensuring that all permits and applications are taken care of. We have to be honest, scouting can be an incredible journey. So beware 😉

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