Being Brave

11 September 2015
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We just love being associated with organizations that stand for so many great things. We’ve worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Make a Wish Foundation and most recently the BRAVE Program being hosted by the Academy of Martial Arts. Brave stands for: (Bully Resistance Anti Violence Education) The B.R.A.V.E program links directly to School Success Planning within Peel schools. It specifically addresses Climate for Learning and Working by targeting bully prevention and intervention planning. BRAVE programs have been taught to over 70,000 students throughout the GTA.

When we were initially approached on the project we all felt a strong connection to the purpose and initiative of this program. In particular because we all have children of our own. So up we went and started the pre and production phases of the project. Lots of takes and lots of repeated shots. We have to give a holler out to all of our actors for doing such an amazing job. Those kids are super disciplined and focused on getting the job done. If I can pin point some key highlights of the production shoot, the first one would be Robert. He acted as our main bully but in the true reality of things, he is the biggest sweetheart. He actually felt horrible for doing certain things to our other key actress, Olivia. “This isn’t me”… or “Olivia, please forgive me” he would usually say. Nonetheless, he aced the scenes and his performance was fantastic. The 2nd key highlight is my respects to Carrive Percival. For not being an actress, she did an amazing job with her monologue lines. And let me tell you, she had a lot of lines. She is also the key director of the Brave Program and you can tell that she has a lot of passion over this bully situation that is plaguing thousands and millions of people around the world. Her program is outstanding and gives some key strategies to help victims to be strong, courageous and a building of confidence. Once again, it was such a pleasure to work with everybody. The cast, the crew, the producers. If I can just mention one more pertinent member of the crew and that would be Kevin Cyr. He was also crucial to the success of this production. From developing the script to producing the different elements of the shoot.

Finally, would like to give a special holler out to The Academy of Martial Arts and McCrimmon Middle school for helping making this production such a success. We cannot wait to finalize the post work. So much great content. It’s going to be incredible to see this video series reach the minds and inspire the hearts of all those that are going through these difficulties in their lives.IMG_3734_Bully_Brave-min brave Being Brave IMG 3734 minIMG_3783_Bully_Brave-min brave Being Brave IMG 3783 min

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