Shooting in the Caribbean

8 July 2015
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Recently, the PGP Studios Crew got the opportunity to fly out to the Caribbean again. Our Mission, was to shoot various commercials for 3 Resorts and 2 Islands. What a fun process that was. First stop was out at the Royalton Riviera in Cancun. This Resort was breathtaking from the start and absolutely massive. Just settling in was a long procedure as we had many logistics to go over. In Cancun we shot 2 Resorts. Afterwards we flew out to Punta Cana to shoot at the Chic Resort. Another awe inspiring resort. Now I must admit, we are at this point seasoned veterans when it came down to shooting around the Caribbean. Having flown to different parts of the Caribbean has been an absolute thrill and honour. Thrill due to getting to know the different countries and cultures that we encountered. Each Resort has it’s own identity for sure. But honour because we were privileged and blessed to have known so many good people and beautiful views. The staff being incredibly supportive and the view being indescribable. Each moment and each new part of the shooting process brought along with it some awe inspiring moments. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not all fun and games. The experience may have some amazing thrills but at the end of the day we worked from 6am until past sunset for the most part. And it was work, work work. Even the preproduction phase was a lot of work. We began the casting auditions at our Studio Vault right at the beginning of the year. Went through prepping our gear and going through the schedule. Then just like that we started flying out. What an amazing filming experience that was. First of all, we got to work with Sky High Media. Lance is an expert at what he does and his drone skills are fantastic. We went through the shooting schedule with him and the shot compositions that we were looking for and it was absolutely seamless. Now we first started working with Lance back in the Bahamas. Manning that Octocopter was something else. Lance and George would fly that beast of a machine while Ed would DP on another Monitor to ensure that the shots met expectations. So working again with Sky High was an absolute pleasure. Then, we connected with our Photographer Camilla Pucholt. It may sound a bit strange to say, but having worked with her during that shoot felt like we’ve known her forever. We connected immediately and were blown away with her photographic skills. Let alone the way she handled the actors. She just knew what she was looking for. Of course we also fell in love with Heather Snowie. She was also the love of our lives and her make up skills were absolutely dead on. She just had a natural eye and heart for the art. She knew what our actors needed and she always pulled through. Lastly but not least, our Producers. Of course none of what we did could have happened without their support and encouragement. We were just blown away by the professionalism that surrounded us. Being in a foreign country, yet we all stuck together and endured till the end. Through rain storms and the production hiccups; we are super excited with the results we produced. Each step of the way, instagram became our best friend. Having captured each one of the moments eventually became a priceless memory from our Caribbean experience. Now I share this blog posting because we’ve had many fans and friends asking us about our experiences travelling abroad. They asked about how we handled the logistics and the process behind shooting in a foreign country. So let it be known that this blog will be the first of a series we will be posting that will describe some of the scenarios that we had encountered. It will be a focused series with titles such as “Customs” or “Filming on the Beach” or even “Drone Coverage”. So there you go, the fans have asked and we are answering. So sit back, relax and get ready to come along on our adventure through the Caribbean. Make sure to check out some of our Caribbean Commercials which can be found via our Website.

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