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6 July 2015
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Let me tell you that we had gone through various revisions while considering the new style and look of our PGP Website. What was the message we wanted to carry across from the moment you open up the site? What kind of dynamic solution do we want our guests to experience? First of all let us tell you that we wanted our guests to know right off the bat that we are professional filmmakers. From the moment you open the site, a video welcomes you with various images that we have shot and produced. As you scroll through the site you will also be introduced to various elements that showcases more of our work. These video samples will give you a clear indication towards our production value and process.

Paraphrasing a quote I once heard… “It’s not about the goal that you reach… in the end it’s about how you grew from the journey” It truly is. It’s about the planning, the development, the brainstorming, the research, the trials, the attention to detail. So many phases that occur within the journey and that is what we went through while creating this website. If it wasn’t one thing, it was certainly another. We had gone through various professionals and acquired amazing counsel to ensure that our new website provided the best results possible. We needed to make sure that we had more video samples, a dynamic solution to our latest social media feeds and best of all… a fantastic video introduction. What can we say… we are thrilled with the results and the style it represents. We want to give a holler out to Nikita Brown, Carla Rojas, Thomas Ryan, Reena, Arpit Bhanot & the Ospina Clan for their amazing counsel and input. These industry professionals truly helped us achieve a professional creative website that we are incredibly excited about. A website that speaks true to the nature of our abilities. Once again, we are excited to introduce to you our new website. We not only cater our film productions services in Toronto but to the world as well. Hey, we are not far off from catering to the world, we continue to travel around the Caribbean shooting commercial content as well. Our experiences travelling abroad? Let us hold off on that one until our next blog.

So please… follow us, sift through it and enjoy our new PGP Studios website.

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