“Creating breathing breakthroughs” with the Tiger Cats

30 July 2015
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Recently we had the opportunity of shooting a PSA commercial for the Ontario Lung Association. They are running a wonderful program called the “Stair to Care” STAIRtoCARE is the Ontario Lung Association’s new fund raising event. Climbs take place in prominent stadiums, arenas or buildings and involve walking, running or racing up hundreds of steps. Teams and individual participants can use the event as a fitness target, as a race, or as a great way to be active and meet new friends. STAIRtoCARE is designed to raise awareness of lung health and to emphasize the importance of breathing, all while raising much-needed funds for the research, programs and supports that make a difference in the lives of the one in five Ontarians affected by lung disease.

For the purpose of the shoot, we were honoured by their humanitarian efforts in alignment with the talented Tiger Cats football player, Jake Olson. I can’t spill the beans too much as to how the PSA is storyboarded and or pans out. What I can tell you is that it is quite touching & inspiring. Jake Olson is not only a hero on the football field, but in the lives of those whom he inspires. I have to admit, I got quite the workout running up and down those steps. Now imagine… I was running them along with my glide cam. Our inspirational director, Jason Palmer was gracious enough to repeat the takes quite a bit. Perhaps he also felt the need to abide by my wife’s wishes and get me to loose some weight. All in all, I am grateful for the beautiful day. The whole crew got quite the tan, more some than others. And those takes were absolutely stellar. Obviously… cinematography done by none other than Ed Limon. Great storyboarding by Jason Palmer & Claudia Limon. Next time… I will work on another PSA and get my amigos to repeat some pretty heavy takes. It’s all for the shot… it’s all for the shot. 😉 All kidding aside, it is quite the honour to associate with such great organizations. A big holler to all those professionals that contribute to the Ontario Lung Association. In particular to our Producers, Anthony & Peter. Fantastic working with you both.

On September 19, 2015, challenge yourself at a game-day stair climb at Tim Hortons Field.

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