3 Reasons Why Video Content Is King

21 June 2013
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With the emergence and continual development of video streaming sites such as Vimeo and YouTube, its evident why video keeps on riding the wave of glory by being increasingly utilized in various marketing and business capacities. Its because consumers can’t get enough of it, and this will likely not change as more people invest in phones tablets and other electronics that allow them consistent access to video streaming. Here are three reasons why we think this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Unless someone invents something infinitely more awesome, we aren’t sure what that is yet!)

Attention Grabbing – Want to stand out from the clutter and engage more fully with your target audience? Video is the way to go!  Its no secret that we live in an age that relies heavily on visuals, words alone just may not be able to grad the attention of your audience in the way you want. These days consumers would much rather look up a YouTube video on how to use a DSLR camera than read the whole manual and figure it out themselves. Videos WILL get you noticed. A website loaded with written content (As wonderfully written as it may be) can come off as intimidating and tedious to comb through. So make it easier for your consumer by accompanying text with visual stimuli and grab their attention right off the bat.

More Engaging – While we don’t discount the effectiveness of the written word, the catalyst most often needed to increase engagement is visual stimulation. Consumers are much more likely to share, comment and like online videos as opposed to text alone. (Mu Customer) Not only will it engage your particular audience, if it’s a good video it means they’ll pass it along and engage their friends and followers too, thus increasing your social media engagement and participation overall.

More ImpactfulVideos can add impact by more fully emphasizing the information you’re sending to your target audience, more so than words alone can. Not to mention, video can hold the attention of your audience much longer than text can.  Furthermore, video can add a human element to your brand or message and increase your visibility as a company or organization, all adding more impact to your message.

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